Teléfono para Reservas: 964 480




Rates depend on the type of accommodation season or regime you choose. (accomodation only, bed and breakfast, half pension or full pension.)





Whenever it is not contracted for a different period, the price of stay in the hotel, will be counted by days or days, according to the number of overnight stays, understanding that the day ends at 12:00.
The Hotel will have the rooms available to guests after 1:30 pm.
Check-in after 18:00 must notify the hotel.
The prolongation of the enjoyment of the contracted services for the longest time agreed upon will always be conditioned to the mutual agreement between the establishment and the client.
When the latter does not leave the establishment on the day set for departure, and there is no agreement to prolong their stay, the establishment may have the accommodation unit.
Once your reservation is made, keep in mind and remember that from the hotel, 3 days before your expected arrival, you will be charged from the bank card provided by you, 50 € uros, to continue to guarantee your reservation





In case of having to cancel your reservation,
* Cancellation fees are free if you cancel up to 3 days before your planned arrival. Within the 3 days, cancellation charges are 50 € uros, and in the case of no show and no cancellation they will be charged The amount of the first night stay.
* The hotel 3 days before your expected arrival, will be charged from the bank card provided by you, 50 € uros, to continue to guarantee your reservation.
If you prefer NOT to provide bank card data, another option is to make a bank transfer of at least 50 €, to the account number that we will provide in your case, this amount, in order to guarantee your reservation must always have been received before Of 3 days of your expected arrival and will be deducted from the total of your stay at the time of the total payment in reception of the hotel. If you prefer this option, contact us by phone or indicate this preference through the e-mail and we will manage the reservation.